Food supplements for endurance athletes

Food supplements for runners

Moderate and well-balanced diet, with “nutritious food” as particular focus, along with suitable training plan and rest, are the most important parts of every great running program. Not only do these parts increase performance and keep interest, but are also the key to a healthy runner and play a role in reducing the risk of injury and illness.

For some runners it can be of interest consider taking food supplements along with a healthy, well balanced diet, especially if the demands of training are high. It can be a great challenge for a runner, who runs 50-70 miles or more a week, to keep energy levels high, keep interest in running and to keep muscle mass and weight on. In those cases, a smart plan to add supplements to the diet can be of tremendous value.

The selection of food supplements sold in store is beyond comprehension. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for the typical consumer to know which food supplements work and which ones do not. There are some bodily substances that a runner may have higher needs for than the non-exercising individual. A few of those substances, that can possibly help the runner perform better, are Vitamin C, magnesium, iron and potassium, especially if there is a shortage of these nutrients in the diet. It is often easy to consume the amount needed for optimum performance. The daily requirement of Vitamin C can, as an example, be met with daily consumption of one orange.

It is always important to be careful with the use of dietary supplements and remember that higher doses are not necessarily better. The consumption of these products should be done first during training sessions to get to know the effects on the body during exercise. Many supplements can have negative effects on the runners, both in terms of running ability and health.

Please take a look at some of the posts I’ve written on food supplements here on my blog. These are blogs on food supplements for runners and anyone who participates in endurance sport…………..and there is more to come. :)

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